More films

The Old Harmonium (2014)
Animated stop motion short

Pietje Piemelaar (2014)
De avonturen van Pietje Piemelaar!


french cheese commercial (2016)
french cheese commercial

olifantpixel (2015)
Some asshole put this up as the homepage of our computers at school. This is the most annoying thing someone has done to me in my entire life. The olifantpixel sucks so much ass, it's not even funny anymore.

Mevrouw van Iersel (2010)
Met wie spreek ik?!

Liquorice (2013)

Toilet Cats (2010)
Rejected film for Weebls-stuff

You Want The Duck? (2015)

God By a Monkey (2012)
Directed by Golfinho with music by me!

honduitlaten.mp4 (2015)

33 81 (2016)
Directed by Golfinho, music by Jorn Leeuwuwerink

Bouncy Goat Train (2013)
Animated loop with music by me and Myra

Bananas (2013)
Animated loop with music by me