Gher 2007
Leo A. Gher, professor of radio-television at SIU, has received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach communications law at the University of Zagreb.
Gher is drawn by the energy pulsing through the region.

"I love being where the action is." says Gher.

Who is Gher?

Animation and music:
Jorn Leeuwerink

Runtime: 2 min. 3 sec.
Country: The Netherlands
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Frame rate: 24fps
Completion date: September 4, 2007
Premiere: Online (, September 5, 2007
Technique: 2D computer
Software: Flash

"The animation was quite entertaining.
I have enjoyed it, as have my family and friends."

Leo A. Gher

"crap this animation is just the same 5 frames being played over and over again on a different landscape. plus the crappy midi music made me sick. this is not worthy of being watched by self-respecting animators. Good try but you failed horribly"

"Ahahaha. This reminds me of the Newgrounds movies of old, before everyone was trying to be one way or another. This got laughs out of me, great job."
Arin Hanson

"I don't know what to think. This is just another reason for not being intoxicated while making flash cartoons kiddies. Be cool, stay in school. Unless some gay guy pays you 500,000 each time you bang him.Then totally drop out... and bang him."

"This one makes me laugh."
David Firth

"recycled animation and looped music? OH YEAH I'M.. VOTING 5... NOT! that was pretty bad. Why would i want to download an MP3 of that garbage?"

"Haha, energetic. Seems like there's nothing he'd rather be doing. Catchy song, too!"
Michael Swain

"............................. na
Its a good flash but it dusnnt make sence@@!!!! (?) and its realy freacking me out whit his way of walk! Srry better work on it!"


"I'm getting so emotional. Gher has changed my life."

"lol wat??!?!!? Ok so there is some guy who is like a scientist and he goes and dances, and I mean wtf, this dosent take like anything in life seriously, WHO THE FUCK IS GHER?!?! WTF IS HE?!? LOL XDDD W/e ok movie I guess 1 out of 1000000000000000 is its rating"

"the internet was a much more innocent time pre 2010"
sleepy avery

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Leo A. Gher




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